Dixie Pin-Up Services:

We at Dixie-Pinup work hard to produce authentic pin-up photos, at affordable prices, to anyone interested in style of imagery.  We've put together some basic packages, which are a great place to start for someone who has never modeled before, or who wants help getting styled the right way.  Check out our packages on our "Packages" page.

That said, we offer a wide range of additional services that you can choose to append to one of our existing photo packages, or simple create a custom package 'a la carte'.  Ultimately, we want happy clients, so we'll make sure we address your specific needs!

Personal Shopping - $50 per hour

One of the hardest parts of preparing for your shoot may be finding the right outfits and props.  Fortunately, Atlanta has a wide range of boutiques and chain stores that provide pieces that are perfect for pinup - you just have to know how to find them.  When you hire one our shopping consultants, we'll help you shop for the right items at the right stores.  We'll help you figure out what can bought and returned after the shoot, what stores are likely to have the best prices, help you choose the right fit, colors, and styles. 

Prop Wrangling - Price varies depending on prop

We have access to some of the best prop houses in the south.  If you need a special prop for your shoot, we'll track it down for you, and negotiate a fair price for the prop rental.  From vintage record players, to hobby horses, to dress forms, to steamer trunks, to hot rods, to motorcycles... we'll find it for you.

Photograpy - $100 per hour for first 2 hours, $75 thereafter.

Perhaps you're already a pin-up darlin', hair ready and dressed to the 9's. If all you need is a photographer to show up at the location of your choice and start snapping away, no problem!  Our photographers are equipped with mobile lighting, backdrops, and enough gear to shoot a gym full of dixie darlin's.  Bring it on!